Sunday, February 14, 2010

Still Down

The other day I accidentally listened to the opening track of Give up the Ghost's (aka American Nightmare) "We're Down till We're Underground." The track, aptly titled "(It's Sometimes Like it Never Started)," is one of the best intros to album I have ever heard, and is ultimately Give up the Ghost's mature farewell to hardcore punk. Give up the Ghost uses cleverly constructed hardcore riffs and unparalleled lyrical content to convey all the frustration and angst of being young and in love. I truly miss Give up the Ghost (AN, American Nightmare, whatever) because they brought energy back to hardcore, but they also called the genre to task with Wes Eisold's brilliant lyrical ability. As far as I know, no hardcore punk band has come close to touching Give up the Ghost's work; furthermore, the whole genre has become so bogged down with suburban sweatshirt jocks that you would swear it is MTV hip hop.
"We're Down..." is the most fitting album I can think to post on this commercial, pro-consumerist, shit show of a holiday. So if you're anything like me, pull down the blinds, put this record on, and forget that it is February, 14th and the whole world has gone fucking mad.

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