Thursday, February 11, 2010

I Mississippi You

I decided to post something different today. Punk and metal are great, but it's important to be diverse, and the punk and metal spirit flows through the veins of many artist outside those somewhat restrictive genres. There are many great folk punk bands out there (Defiance Ohio, This Bike is a Pipe Bomb, Ghost Mice), but Rosa is the only one that I still find myself listening to on rainy nights in February and hot nights in June.
Rosa was a special band, a folk four piece with banjo riffs and lyrics so contagious that I spent most of 2005 humming them under my breath. I'll probably always be able to recite the lyrics to "Hitched up Kids" and "Starch and Carbohydrates." I never saw Rosa live, but I'm sure it would have been awesome.
"I Mississippi You," Rosa's only full length release, is 12 anthems for traveling, riding bikes, getting your heart broken, and staying up all night. For me this album encapsulates a time in my life that is gone forever, but also a time that I can always go back to every time I put Rosa on and peddle to the top of the highest hill in town.
Rosa released "I Mississippi Yo" on Plant-It-X Records, the hardest working labeling in folk punk, so don't be a fucking leech and buy something from them.

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