Thursday, December 27, 2007

top ten albums of the year that weren't on the pitchfork list

and that I didn't upload already. No M.I.A. or Jens Lekman or Justice is on this list. Neither of these might be true, I didn't check too thoroughly. I don't have my hard drive so I Sordo'd/Shareminer'd these links.


Celeste released this for free, because they're siq. Members of Mihai Edrisch so you know it's hot. Technically this is an '08 release because you can't get a non-digital copy yet, but I don't give a fuck. Check out their Website and Myspace.


Wooden Shjips. Myspace, website. Not my usual genre of music, but I liked this a lot. Psychedelic stuff. You can't not like a band that mailed away copies of their LP for free until they ran out. I really would like any of their other stuff so if you have it, hook me up. Link to come when I get my hard drive back


The Raveonettes put out a new album that everyone ignored this year despite how good it is. This one is much more Jesus and Mary Chain than Ronettes, but not in a bad way. Site, space.


The Cromatics put out a record with absolutely no resemblance to their early work and managed to pull it off. Chillout discoish tunes and the hottest singer in the world. Site, Myspace.


Chinese Stars. Official Website.


Sword Heaven. Myspace. Noisy fucking shit right here.


Modern philosophers spend most of their time contemplating whether or not it is possible for Akimbo to rock so hard that they rock harder than themselves. This album has a drum solo as it's own track. Imagine if Botch and Led Zeppelin teamed up then merged into three people., Myspace.


I liked everything they put out this year. They keep on getting better. Site, Myspace. pass: (which is an amazing blog)


The Pack. Duh, this one HAS to be on the list. Site, Myspace.


Wolves in the Throne Room, because there was this one time where we were in the car my friend's girlfriend was complaining that she wanted to listen to some stupid song and we agreed that she could listen to it after we listened to one more song. So we played a WITTR song, and 20 minutes later arrived at our destination with the song still playing. PWN'D! Myspace.

The list is in reverse chronological best to worst alphabetical order.

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