Tuesday, October 30, 2007

radio berlin - glass

I'm not sure how this band got missed. This is another gem that never got put on OiNK (r.i.p.). Songs like these don't come along often. This is the home of one of my favorite songs, D.E.S. I don't know what it stands for.

Post-punk really doesn't get better than this. It's post-punk in the least She Wants Revenge way possible. More albums by this band to come. Also, I highly recommend buying this one for the fun time you can have finding errors in spelling and the tracklisting.

If I actually gave a shit about actually reviewing things, I'd use some words and phrases like "moody, but not Spencer Moody," "minimalist," or "hauntingly good"

Details: Vancouver based, broken up, again. In AAC if that's a problem.

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